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Workshops and Seminars

Creating Synergy workshops are conducted in a dynamic environment based on accelerated learning stockxpertcom id249627 size1 - click to enlargeprincipals. 

The content and presentation is arranged in a manner to satisfy every participant's communication preference, using colour, audio, visual and listening exercises. 

People retain 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see and 50% of what they see and hear.  Our workshops are constructed to take advantage of these facts.

Creating Synergy run the following Workshops and Strategic Planning Sessions:


The workshop is aimed at Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders or ANY person that leads a team of people or is required to communicate with groups of people.

In organisations, we often promote our hardest workers or best employees to leader roles without giving them the training in dealing with and managing people.  These employees invariably do not performance manage effectively or do it in the way that it was done with them believing this is the only way.

This program is designed to give practical, yet simple, skills to people to allow them to lead, manage, communicate, motivate, counsel, discipline and train employees.  As well they will learn of the different leadership styles, communication preferences, positive language techniques and simple planning tools.

The workshop participants will leave with the tools and knowledge to be more effective in their roles and as a result create more efficient and effective teams.

  • 30% of your employees always work hard
  • 60% respond to how they are treated
  • 10% do a poor job

By performance managing

  • you keep the top 30% from going elsewhere
  • you ensure the 60% perform positively
  • you convert some of the bottom 10% into good employees and the remainder will either improve or leave.

GET REAL! Be what you want to be, do what you want to do NOW!

A program to discover what is important to you in life and gain the understanding, skills, knowledge and tools to live the life you have always imagined.

Central to the program is the completion of a VALUES PROFILE. This profile creates an easy to understand map of all you priority values.  The program is conducted over two consecutive days in a dynamic, fun environment that encourages understanding of all concepts and creates an experience that will last a lifetime.  Delivered in a manner that allows you the freedom to choose and understand the unique concepts and tools that will assist you in making choices for your future and to create an action plan to live your values.

Your values identify what in life is really important and unique to you.  These are your beliefs, wants, desires and preferences.  Values are our unconscious motivators.  A key characteristic of successful people is that values are their conscious motivators.

Successful people KNOW what their values are!  If you do not know who you are, you cannot be true to yourself! 

Click here to go to the GET REAL website and find out more...


Strategic planning is vital while starting a new business or expansion of an business or planning to boost the performance of an existing business.  But it requires detailed strategic planning and controlled deployment activities.

Having an external facilitator allows the Board and Management to participate as a team.  As the facilitator we are able to bring out all ideas from the participants and create effective communication while maintaining focus on the issues, ensuring that all participants have the opportunity to participate in the process and put all their ideas and views forward.


Leadership is probably the most important factor in the development growth and success of organisations.  Creating Synergy conducts values based Leadership Development Programs to allow leaders to understand their values and the alignment of values with the organisation and its employees.  These programs develop different leadership styles, communication skills, planning and time management strategies.  Creating an action plan to create a work/life balance and manage stress levels is part of the program.


In most organisations the highest cost centre is the employee payroll.  Creating value in the area is reflected in the service provided to the customer.  Effective training in this area makes the greatest use of your greatest resource.  Simple and effective customer service training provides the focus for sound service benchmarks and encourages return and repeat business.


Time is our most valuable commodity, particularly where your are paying for the skills and abilities of an individual.  Effective use of these skills and abilities i.e. productivity is of paramount importance in any business. Discovering simple yet effective tools for managing time creates far more efficient and productive organisations.


The pace of innovation and development in todays business climate is faster than ever.  Organisations need to evolve grow and embrace change.  Creating an organisation that not only embraces change but is at the leading edge of change ensures the growth and survival of the organisation.  Creating synergy creates this environment in organisation.  We provide a complete change management program that ensures innovative practices and strategies are part of the culture of your organisation, from leaders, managers through all employees of the organisation.

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